Garage Art


After moving in to a fantastic home in Prescott, AZ, I decided it is time to “make it my own”. The garage is huge! But it used to belong to a mechanic and it certainly looked like it. So, I decided to start adding my touches to it. I had a lot of paint that needed to be used up before it dried and out I just went crazy on this wall. I had WAY too much fun doing this!

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For a good cause…

logo-finalDid you know that the USDA does not approve loans or grants for farm start-up? Did you know that banks will not allow anyone to buy an agricultural property without a 30% down payment? Did you know that America will need nearly double the farms it has today by the year 2030? All seems a little backwards, right? Well, you can help! We are starting a farm and restaurant. It will be totally sustainable and closed-looped. Check out the Kickstarter here: Wave of the Future Farms Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a donation based system in which the donors get kickbacks. So, if you donate $30 you will receive a complimentary tasting plate, a logo sticker, a 5-course recipe e-book, and a tremendous thank-you. Of course, the more you donate, the better the reward! We hope that you will spread the word. Even $5 will go a long way. We want to show the world that natural and sustainable can be comfortable and even luxurious. As soon as the first farm and restaurant is established, we want to expand. The sky is the limit! We are ready to get our hands dirty and do the work, we just need your help to be able to get started! Thank you! Read more about the project here:

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We are doing everything we can do make a dream come true. Wave of the Future Farms (website currently in the making) is a revolutionary farm to restaurant, closed-loop, completely sustainable system that we are just on the brink of making possible. At this point, every penny counts. I will sell any piece of art for what ever price you want! Just make an offer and I will sell it to you. Every cent I make from this will go to Wave of the Future Farms. Thank you everyone! I couldn’t ask for better friends and family!!

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Lilac Sunset

Lilac Sunset

Three 24X8X1
$120 (o.b.o.)

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Mountains – watercolor, 9″x12″ canvas paper


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Venice Gondola

While waiting for another project I decided to try my hand at watercolor. Below is a picture I took in Venice last month!



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Two Twains




TwoDayBoth paintings are 8×10 inches, acrylic, metallics, gloss finish, and both are quotes from Mark Twain.

$55 each or $90 for both!

Thanks for checkin’ them out!

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